Great Tips For Using Plugins To Create Vivid, Vibrant Colored Images In Photoshop CC

Most people look at graphic editing tools such as Photoshop, or Lightroom and avoid them because they appear to be hard to use or navigate. That’s not the case. Learn more Today!



Photoshop offers a lot of base functionality. However, while powerful on its own, the editing tool shows its true potential only when using the many plug-ins designed for it, such as the Imagenomic Portraiture one. While powerful, these also require a bit of experience to use effectively:

Make your photographs vibrant with the help of Filter Forge

A good filter can make a lot of difference when it comes to editing, or even salvage a picture. A powerful plug-in like Filter Forge allows you to create beautiful visual effects. The latest version offers 11800 different textures and effects that are guaranteed to make your photos pop;

Use Alien Skin Exposure X2 to adjust the exposure mistakes done in the field

Many things can happen during an event. The crowd that a photographer must navigate through and the speed he must have to capture various scenes means that he will not always have the option to change the settings of his camera. Alien Skin gives the option to fine-tune the sharpness, color tone, and exposure.

Use it to make the colors rich and the image sharp, as you prefer. As a bonus, you also get an integrated image organizer.


Do not overlook free plug-ins like Google Nik Collection

There are also a lot of powerful free plug-ins that you can use to make your photographs amazing. Google Nik is a powerful tool that can be used to smoothen the skin tone in a portrait, while the Nik Collection will provide you with 6 different plug-in choices. These will give your photos a more classic camera look.


Sometimes inspiration is just as important as having the right tools for the job. The Shutterstock plug-in offers the ability to access the whole stock photo database from the comfort of your own Photoshop screen. You can purchase images, and edit the watermarked for free.

Also, the plug-in is completely free, if you don’t consider the money that you have to pay when licensing an image.


Use Topaz Labs for truly unique effects

The Topaz Labs plug-in offers users the ability to purchase several different photo effects that can be acquired individually, or as a collection. These can either give your photographs a dramatic contrast or increase their smoothness and clarity.

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